Aermec Air Conditioning

Aermec Air ConditioningThe Aermec ANK reversible heat pump produces hot water of up to 140°F in outdoor temperatures between -4°F and 108°F. It reduces heating costs by up to 30% compared with the best conventional systems and condensation boilers. They can be combined with all terminals (radiant panels, fancoils and radiators) and is also able to produce domestic hot water. Available with high efficiency compressors and also available in versions with circulation pump only, or with accumulation as well.

  • Production of Hot Water Up to 140°F
  • Optimized for Heat Pump Operation
  • High Efficiency Compressors
  • Heating Operation with Outdoor Temperatures Down to -4°F
  • Production of Hot Domestic Water with Outdoor Temperatures from -4°F to 108°F
  • A Version with Circulation Pump and Storage Tank

Aermec ANK Reversible Heat PumpCharacteristics

  • Available in two sizes
  • Version Available: ANK HA: Version with circulation pump and storage tank
  • High - efficiency scroll compressor
  • Flow switch fitted as standard
  • Electronic control card with start timing and management of defrosting cycles
  • Electric heater for the compressor casing
  • High efficiency heat exchanges
  • Axial flow fans for quiet operations
  • Metal protective cabinet with rustproof polyester paint
  • Softstart electric starting current reduction device (standard for single phase versions)
  • SAVINGS ON BILLS -> 30% ANNUAL ELECTRICITY SAVINGS COMPARED WITH THE BEST CONDENSING BOILERS…thanks to the painstaking design of the heat exchange circuit and the use of the new R410A fluid, the ANK high-efficiency heat-pump ensures notable savings on your heating bill throughout the year.
  • RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT -> 30% REDUCTION IN EMISSIONS OF CO2, THE CARBON DIOXIDE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT. The ANK high-efficiency heat-pump is also environmentally friendly thanks to the increased energy efficiency and the use of R410A refrigerant which is harmless to the ozone layer. R410A is a highly efficient thermo-dynamic fluid and this guarantees a reduction in CO2 emissions adding up the savings made on summer air conditioning, winter heating, and the production of domestic hot water. CO2 emissions are reduced by 30% when compared with a condensation boiler.