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Do you wonder what quality of air you are breathing? Are you concerned about the level of pollutants and smog of your surrounding city? Do you suffer from debilitating allergies? According to the American Lung Association, 85% of American homeowners are not aware that pollution may be worse inside their homes than outdoors. And yet 90% of our lives we spend indoors.

Allergy sufferers are especially vulnerable to poor air quality. If you suffer from allergies, are concerned about airborne mold spores, have pets, are concerned about airborne viruses or bacteria or want to protect the life and efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment, it's time to consider purchasing an air filtration system. If you are not aware of the air quality in your home, it is time to seek a cleaner alternative.

Enjoy Pure Air Quality in Your Home

Air filters are a vital part of the solution for eliminating poor indoor air quality. They keep your heating and cooling equipment running efficiently. Without an air filter, dust, dirt, pet dander, hair and other substances can build up on your heating and cooling equipment, reducing their efficiency by as much as 25%.

Brands Installed, Service & Maintained include:

Filters help remove the particulate matters that remain airborne after source control and ventilation have failed. At Alternative HVAC Solutions, we have over three decades of experience in ensuring our customers only breathe the highest quality air. Our Menlo Park air filtration experts are here to help you remove the toxins from the air, allowing you and your family to breathe confidently.

Our filters all provide superior performance and come with a five year warranty. They produce no ozone and are virtually maintenance free. We can help you determine which model is the right one for you and your family!

Alternative HVAC Solutions can help you eliminate air of the pollutants that put you at risk!

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