Careers at Alternative HVAC Solutions

AC Training he has a good point We invest in our employees with training and mentoring and reward them with excellent compensation and benefits packages. All employees are given Kaiser Gold Plan Health Insurance with all premiums paid, PTO (vacation and sick time), 6 paid holidays and a 401K plan with 4% company contribution. Our employees receive extra compensation for taking initiatives to complete jobs thoroughly, professionally, and ahead of schedule.

order orlistat 120 mg Employee career development is a priority of our core beliefs. Every technical employee receives the benefit of factory training and certifications from partners like PG&E, Mitsubishi, Trane, Bryant, Carrier, Daikin and leading manufacturers. These trainings are regularly held at our onsite classroom and offsite at manufacturer’s and other training facilities. (More information about our Training Plan can be found at the bottom of this page).

Our business is expanding and we are looking for additional employees to add to our team. We are looking for an Estimator and HVAC Technicians of all levels.

Current Openings

Job Descriptions

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Estimator/Project Manager

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The ideal candidate is an experienced HVAC installation technician with experience in residential and commercial who is looking for more responsibility and the opportunity for advancement into a leadership role that would include supervising, mentoring and training apprentices and journeymen.

The scope includes securing work for the installation and service departments through new customer acquisition, estimating new projects from leads provided by the company and managing estimates after they become jobs. Our aim is to train and equip you to be generating revenue for the company and commissions for yourself within a few weeks of your start date. The goal of technical training is for you to be able to understand how we install and service our products and work with our clients, building owners, homeowners, property managers and general contractors. You will be able to provide a systematic approach to sizing of equipment, designing systems, quoting and project managing jobs. You will;

  • Manage preventative maintenance agreements including the PG&E HVAC Optimization Program
  • Provide estimates for residential and commercial projects that are; new construction, retrofits and cut-ins
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Commercial tenant improvement bidding and project management
  • Installation coordination

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HVAC – Installation Technicians

Careers at Alternative HVAC

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We are looking for installation technicians of all levels. Installation lead technicians will be hands-on and supervise the installation of HVAC equipment for new construction and retrofit projects. Technicians of all levels of experience will install and troubleshoot: ductless, VRF, Mini-split systems and EMS (Energy Management Systems). Work can be done in residences or commercial buildings. Lead technicians will be responsible for job completion and support and mentoring of other technicians and helpers.

  • Install high efficiency furnaces and variable speed condensers
  • Run line-sets
  • Design and install duct systems with optimal air flow and return ducting
  • Duct testing
  • Set condensers - braze and weld
  • Wiring of controls and line voltage from the main panel
  • Basic carpentry and dry-wall repair
  • Commercial package unit installation
  • Installation of fan coils
  • Measure up-transitions
  • Coordinating with other trades

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TRAINING PLAN (provided by Alternative HVAC Solutions)

  • Heat Pump Systems – Areas of focus: theory and application of heat pump systems and components. How-to reverse cycle for air conditioning units applied in heat pump and their various components. Definitions of C.O.P., E.E.R., S.E.E.R. rating. Various defrost methods including time, temperature, demand, air switch and other defrosts integrated circuit board controls. Install and service heat pumps in a wide variety of applications. Charging methods including super heat, sub cooling, weigh-in and dial-a-charge. Service and repair of air conditioning and heat pump systems using mechanical and electrical troubleshooting techniques, electrical wiring diagram interpretation and specialized system components. Electric heat and control sequencers for auxiliary and emergency heat. Sequencers and how they operate in an electric furnace and troubleshooting of electric circuitry.
  • Split Systems – Areas of focus: Applications and installation of split systems. Recognizing fit and function techniques. Ductless. Includes principles of zoning, design elements, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • VRF - Advanced applications and installation of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF). Recognizing fit and function techniques. Principles of zoning, design elements, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Advanced Equipment Installation and Supervision – Areas of focus: Work in the field as a lead installation technician. Hands-on training of installation of furnaces, air conditioning systems, thermostats and heat pumps. Proper use and disposal of refrigerants. Receive EPA certification.
  • Furnaces/Heating Systems – Properties of gas and gas combustion, gas furnaces, components of gas furnaces, circuit designs and diagrams for heating systems, furnace installation and code requirements, testing.
  • Variable Speed - Staging or modulating or variable speed refers to a Heat Pump’s ability to run at less than its maximum capacity…this allows it to increase comfort levels and boost efficiency. Traditional systems and many of the systems still being installed today are single-stage. Having a two-stage or multi-stage system nearly eliminates temperature fluctuations. The system glides along barely sipping electricity. It runs at lower speeds for longer periods of time.
  • Zoning - A system in which living areas or groups of rooms are divided into separate spaces and each space's heating/air conditioning is controlled independently. This can be accomplished by using either multiple independent systems, or a single system using electronic controls and motorized dampers. For example, you might prefer to have the kitchen area of your home be slightly cool, while at the same time keeping the temperature in the bedrooms warmer.
  • Communication Systems – You will learn about systems that can remotely adjust settings so every room in your home is the perfect temperature.