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A dual-fuel or hybrid system is the combination of an electric heat pump and a natural gas furnace. This system uses the heat pump’s outdoor condensing unit to heat your home using only electricity. The gas furnace comes into play when temperatures are below 35 degrees. ...continue reading

Heat Pumps use the outside air to heat a home in winter and cool it in the summer. Sounds pretty simple, but, it is a complex, technologically advanced system. Two trends are helping to make heat pump systems and rooftop solar cost effective and even less expensive to operate, ...continue reading

We’ve experienced higher than normal humidity the past couple of years. As temperatures climb and humidity increases you often hear the expression “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”.   Most of us can stay fairly comfortable on warm…even hot days when the humidity is low. ...continue reading

Simple solutions to attempt before calling Alternative HVAC Solutions. Before calling us, here are a few simple solutions you can attempt to solve your HVAC issues.

Gas Furnace Equipment

  • Check to make sure that your thermostat is set in the "heat" position
  • Make sure that the temperature setting on ...continue reading

If your home's furnace ducts are more than 30 years old, it might be time to consider getting them replaced. Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Mike Rebholtz of Alternative HVAC Solutions explains more: