Humidity and Air Conditioning

learn this here now We’ve experienced higher than normal humidity the past couple of years. As temperatures climb and humidity increases you often hear the expression “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”.   Most of us can stay fairly comfortable on warm…even hot days when the humidity is low.

Air conditioners remove moisture from the air as a by-product of cooling, and it’s a normal practice to use an air conditioner to de-humidify, as well as cool a space. If you live in the bay area where we are now experiencing higher humidity you know that a properly sized and functioning air conditioner can make all of the difference to your comfort.

Some of the newer style Air Conditioning systems have variable-speed condensers. These systems vary the speed of the compressor, indoor and outdoor fans as the temperature changes, slowing down or speeding up gradually as needed to keep your home or office building comfortable. A system that will run longer and at lower speeds for longer periods of time is more energy efficient and is a terrific solution to maintaining a comfortable temperature and lowering the humidity in your home or office building.

If you’re concerned about humidity, we can help! Alternative HVAC Solutions Inc. has been serving customers in Menlo Park and the surrounding cities for years. We are indoor comfort experts and can help you make the most of the cooling and heating system in your home or commercial building.