HVAC Glossary

Alternative HVAC Solutions would like to offer the following HVAC Glossary as a helpful tool for you, our customer, to help with the various terms and technical definitions for the heating, cooling and indoor air quality industry.

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Zonal Control -  A method of designing and controlling the HVAC system of a residence so that living areas can be maintained at a different temperature than sleeping areas using independent setback thermostats. If specific requirements are met, zonal control may earn a credit towards compliance with whatever building energy efficiency standards are applicable.
Zone -  1) Conditioned space in a house under the control of a thermostat. 2) A space within a house with a distinct pressure compared to other pressure zones. Also see Buffer zone. or 1) In the context of an HVAC system: a space or group of spaces served by an HVAC system or portion of an HVAC system controlled by a single thermostat or other control device; 3) A space or group of spaces within a building with sufficiently similar comfort conditioning requirements so that comfort conditions can be maintained throughout by a single control device.
Zone Heat -  A central heating system in a building, designed to allow different temperatures to be maintained in two or more parts of the building.
Zoning -  A system in which living areas or groups of rooms are divided into separate spaces and each space's heating/air conditioning is controlled independently. This can be accomplished by using either multiple independent systems, or a single system using electronic controls and motorized dampers (see Damper). For example, you might prefer to have the kitchen area of your home be slightly cool, while at the same time keeping the temperature in the bedrooms warmer.