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ray·magic, from messana is a radiant heating and cooling system in the ceiling. With radiant panels in the ceiling . . . life is simply better.

    • The ray·magic system is quiet.
    • It is efficient. Achieves Class A energy efficiency with savings of up to 75% compared to a traditional system.
    • It will add an R-value of 9.65 to the ceiling so you will experience greater comfort.
    • It never moves dust because the source is from above and it is radiant.
    • It is fast: the surface temperature has a response delay of 1-2 minutes per °F.
    • It is easy to repair (especially when compared to radiant floor systems).
    • It is perfect for renovations.
    • It is also lightweight, perfect for installation in ceilings and lofts that can support limited loads.
    • And above all. . . it provides maximum comfort.

Radiant HeatWith the ray·magic system from messana the climate in your home is always ideal. Every room, every space, has the perfect temperature, evenly and in balance with your body. Heat radiates immediately, much faster than a floor-based system since it does not have to pass through the flooring, but instead expands instantly throughout the space, without barriers.

Our skin has millions of receptors to detect temperature, so uniform thermal sensation is the first requirement for a system that must offer comfortable conditions. A radiant ceiling panel system is the solution that best meets this requirement, because it imitates exactly the way the earth is heated by day (solar radiation) and cooled at night (re-radiation towards the cool sky), with the difference being that in a closed space, the radiant surface temperature is very close to the comfort temperature of the room, enhancing the feeling of an even, natural temperature.

Silent, Invisible and Comfortable
You cannot see thermal radiation (infrared).
You can feel it, but you cannot hear it; it is pure, uniform, widespread heat that is invisible, silent, clean for your home as it does not move dust, and clean for the environment as it consumes less energy and allows you to make the best use of renewable energies.

The Best Acoustics
ray·magic panels also provide excellent acoustic insulation. The use of sound absorbent sheets reduces the reverberation of the panel surface, improving the acoustics of the room.
Anatomy of the ray magic panel

Sense MagicControls
sense·magic is messana’s advanced thermostat and humidistat device. It is equipped with two class A sensors to constantly monitor both temperature and humidity of the room. sense·magic comes with a wall plate from Axolute BTicino ( that is very attractive and is available in a variety of colors and materials. sense·magic communicates to the controls system, control·magic, via TCP/IP protocol. control·magic is powered by a high performance processor that runs a complex comfort algorithm and it is equipped with two Ethernet controllers; one for a private local network where all of the other modules of the system are connected and one for a local LAN/internet to allow remote access. Using the control·magic unit your well being is the touch of a button away. You can set the ideal temperature and create the right climate and humidity level for your home. And, the system automatically turns on and off...It is as simple, powerful, attractive and convenient as can be. Even by remote control from your mobile or iPad. Nothing could be easier. . .

A System with a backbone . . .
Yes, ray·magic actually has a backbone, the secret behind its magic and its strength. Equipped with integrated supply lines along its main axis and the exclusive snap-in system, ray·magic panels can be linked together without any external lines in a simple snap. ray·magic can also be cut into smaller modules to better fit the surface, and it comes in a variety of different covers (sound absorbent/acoustic, flexible, water resistant, high heat yield, tread-able, etc.) for wall and floor installations as well.

For Eichler and other Open Beam Architecture
ray·magic beams are the perfect radiant panel to create radiant surfaces between exposed beams in wood, metal or concrete, with a clear width up to 60 cm.

ray·magic beams are directly cut to the desired width with a simple cutter up to a minimum width of 45 cm by cutting the polystyrene side and following the pre-incision lines. It can also be made smaller up to 40 cm by using a portable circular saw, cutting the plaster side and following the lines pre-defined by laser.

ray·magic beams are finished with a plaster-covered slab that is only 6 mm. Light and high performance, it is very simple to install because it joins together without requiring tools or closing the joint area. ray·magic beams are directly fastened to the ceiling with 65 mm screws (and screw anchors for tile ceilings) without using metal structures. The total thickness is 46 mm. They can be connected in a series of up to 20 panels (40 sub-modules) for a total length of 48 m.

Using a revolutionary, patented connection system without any external parts, ray·magic puts the installation of radiant surfaces inside the simple, fast construction of an ordinary suspended ceiling in plasterboard. The panels have sliding inner supply lines that have have terminal joints with three types of connections which allow you to connect the panels in two simple snaps. The panels can also be cut into smaller shapes and sizes, or they can be scattered at any distance. The messana | ray·magic panel system is a particularly effective way of reducing labor costs in the installation of heating and air conditioning systems. Installation is very simple, completely safe and the job is done in no time at all.

Roberto Messana
With thousands of systems built over 20+ years, Messana, the inventor is recognized as the father of modern radiant air conditioning. With his book "Capire il Confort" ("Understanding Comfort"), the result of over twenty years of research and experiments, he has established the scientific basis for the relationship between the physiology of the human body and its energy processes with the constructed environment to achieve thermal comfort.

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