What does it mean to be Diamond Certified?


http://professordw.com/lexapro Alternative HVAC Solutions has been independently rated highest in quality, passed all of the rating and certification steps and has been awarded the prestigious DIAMOND CERTIFIED award. In order to earn and maintain this award, the following rating and certification steps must be passed on an ongoing basis.

  1. Companies must apply to be certified.
  2. Approximately 400 customers are randomly selected from company files.
  3. Customers are surveyed in confidential telephone interviews to determine the company’s customer satisfaction score based on quality.
  4. To qualify, the company must achieve the highest in Quality with a score of 90 or above on a scale to 100.
  5. The applicant company’s credentials are independently rated (license, insurance, complaint status and credit for contractors).
  6. The company’s business practices must be customer friendly. It must stand behind its performance and maintain the highest industry standards.
  7. If the quality ratings score, business practices, and credentials qualify, the company is awarded DIAMOND CERTIFIED.
  8. The company’s customer satisfaction ratings, based on quality, are conducted on an ongoing basis.
  9. The company will participate, in good faith, in DIAMOND CERTIFIED mediation if ever necessary.
  10. The DIAMOND CERTIFIED performance guarantee provides added assurance of a commitment to customer satisfaction.