What is a 95% Efficient Two Stage Furnace

A two-stage 95% efficient furnace has a sealed combustion chamber that reduces burner operation to a very quiet running level. Perfect for hallway installations or any interior home location

A Two Stage 95% Efficient Features:95 efficient two stage furnace

  • 16-18% more efficient
  • Furnace will initially come on high fire and high fan if the furnace is calling for heat and there is more than 2 to 3 degrees to satisfy the home.
  • Once the temperature is with-in 1-2 degrees The furnace will then drop down to first stage, low speed low fire.
  • It should satisfy on low not over shooting the thermostat like a single speed will do.
  • Once the system has satisfied the furnace should run on low fire low speed saving money on gas and electric.
  • The temperature will become more consistent (evenly distributed) because of the feathering and consistent heat that is being delivered.
  • Quieter operation because the furnace is running the majority of the time on low speed.
  • 2-stage system will not over shoot thermostat as a single stage will do. A lot of times a single stage furnace will heat the home and will not shut off till the temperature is 2 or 3 degrees higher than desired. This is how you get big fluctuations in temperature. The two stage solves this problem
  • Savings on the two stage verses a single staged will be at least $450.00 a year for a 1200 square foot home and much more as the size of the furnace increases and hours of usage are needed to heat a home.

A Two Stage Variable Speed 95% Efficient Furnace

ALL features of a 2-stage mentioned above but the variable takes the two stage to the next step.

Features include:

  • Quieter operation with the sixteen speed slowly ramping up to speed.
  • A little more dehumidification because the furnace is running longer and on lower speed and really helping to make the temperature consistent through out the home.
  • A minimum of 30% more efficient on electrical draw. Up to 50% more when taking in account fan mode.
  • In fan mode the furnace only draws as little as a 75Watt light bulb.
  • Low speed will help the air-filtration become more efficient and effective catching more particulate.


  • Lifetime on heat exchanger
  • 10 years parts and 2-year labor

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