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Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

May 21, 2024

If you have or want to install a ductless mini-split system, highly recommend you hire someone who really knows what they’re doing and has plenty of experience specializing in these type of systems as they can be quite complicated and difficult to repair. Alternative HVAC has decades of experience specializing in ductless HVAC systems. We went through 4 or 5 different HVAC repair companies and found it very difficult to find repair professionals who were competent and really understood how to work with ductless systems. Alternative HVAC was the only company that had the confidence and technical expertise to attempt repairs. Agree with some of the other comments in that sometimes you have to be persistent in following up with them and their prices are a bit higher than others, but they have a bettter than industry standard labor warranty. We eventually replaced our system and had Alternative HVAC do the new install. The installation was neat and tidy and they did good work patching the exterior and interior from the old installation.

~ A L.

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

April 2, 2024

One year ago, Mike, Jeff, Ramon and their team installed a new heat pump and a heat pump water heater to replace my gas furnace and water heater. I am quite happy with the high quality units they installed and their quality installation and post sales service. Also, they were great about handling the BayREN rebate process – we just kept getting check after check and they handled all the paperwork. I appreciate that they carry what seems to be “high end” equipment, which is more energy efficient and capable. Their installation work was efficient and tidy and I appreciate the workmanship. We recently experienced a component fault in the heat pump water heater and they serviced the unit quickly and effectively. I’ve recommended them to a friend and will continue to do so.

~ Dale W.

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

March 20, 2024

Alternative HVAC did an excellent job. The crew was outstanding. They were professional, very neat and knowledgeable. We highly recommend them. They removed our old gas HVAC, put new ceiling vents in, installed the new electric heater and outdoor pump, did all the electrical work, and even removed old duct work from our crawl space. They helped us get a no interest loan for 18 months, a rebate and all the necessary permit work. They are top notch!

~ Ce W.

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

March 13, 2024

Mike and his team did a terrific job on our HVAC unit. The team is very professional, attentive to details and responsive. The job was done on time and exactly as planned. Overall, very satisfied that we selected Alternative HVAC Solution.

~ IH.

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

October 2, 2023

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for scheduling this for last Friday! The crew did a wonderful job!

I assume there will be an email for the invoice so I can send in payment? Also appreciate if you could send along warranty and product brochure/service material for the unit installed.

I am very happy with how things worked out. Great work!


5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

September 18, 2023

I’ve done a fair amount of research on Alternative HVAC, I also used to work in this industry; so I know the difference between a well ran business verus a leaky ship. My experience with them so far, even the staff that answers the phone are exceptional. Shout out to Noemi, in particular, she was very professional, courteous and gracious with her time. If you need further evidence, check their photo gallery – top notch work! Keep up the great work everybody.

James J.

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

September 18, 2023

Hi Mike,

I wanted to let you know that the crew from Alternative HVAC that came to our house to install a new HPWH and relocate our furnace was above and beyond what we could have expected. They were professional, courteous, and a pleasure to be around (in addition to their high quality of work).

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alternative HVAC to anyone in the future and will definitely reach out to you in the future for any HVAC needs.


5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

September 15, 2023

I very much enjoyed working with Mike Rebholtz and his technicians at Alternative HVAC Solutions (referred to me by my next-door neighbor). I needed eight Mitsubishi mini split air movers and two outdoor heat pumps installed in my Eichler home. In my quest to go COMPLETELY ELECTRIC, I had to replace my much-loved radiant heat system for heat pump generated heat and A/C. I am so glad I did this, and it is so good to finally have A/C. I wish I had done this years ago!

Carol C.

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

August 31, 2023

An excellent business Very impressed with the knowledge and expertise.

A series of recommendations for anyone looking to install a similar system: – Mitsubishi is the gold standard.

We had 3 Mitsubishi mini splits installed both heat and cool and were really happy with the service.

Both Rick and Daniel were very happy to answer any Questions we might have had.

Peter VanDyke, Palo Alto, CA

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

August 5, 2023

Alternative HVAC solutions installed a heat pump hot water heater and a HVAC system for my residence. All of the workers were courteous and considerate when performing their work. Ramon was exceptional in addressing the fine details of the installation and explaining each step of the project. My neighbors commented that they could tell they were a very professional crew by the manner in which they performed the work, cleaned up and interacted with the community. The project manager and office staff were great in organizing the project and in managing the Peninsula Clean Energy rebates and Zero interest Clean Energy loan.


5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

July 15, 2023

Hello Jeff,

I would like to thank Ramon, Jeremy, Miguel and Jake for the great job they did in installing the hybrid WH and HVAC system for my home. All of the workers were courteous and considerate when performing their work. Ramon was exceptional in addressing the fine details of the installation and explaining to me each step of the project. A comment by my neighbor was that he could tell they were a very professional crew by the way they did their work, cleaned up and interacted with the community. Please provide me with a link to enter these comments in a google review.

Thanks for a great job by Alternative HVAC solutions.

Steven C.

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

July 10, 2023

Hello Jeff,

My AC installation is complete and I’m so happy with the results. Dan and Rick were fantastic. I’m interested in replacing/upgrading my water heater with you guys and I was wondering if you had some recommendations for me.

Rick took some photos of my water heater and he is familiar with the electrical of my house. I would like to know the advantages of switching to an electrical WH or simply replacing the one I have because it’s getting pretty old. Any info you have would be appreciated. I’m leaning towards simply replacing the one I have without doing a major upgrade; either way I know this is something I’d like to get done.

Thank you,
Jacqueline C

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

July 5th, 2023

Hello Ian and Sabina,

We have had the pleasure of working with Mike and Alternative HVAC Solutions when we needed to replace our heater and install a new A/C unit. I cannot express enough how impressed we were with their exceptional service, professionalism, and expertise throughout the entire process. Mike and his team went above and beyond to ensure that our HVAC system was flawlessly installed and operated efficiently.

Here are Mike’s contact details for your convenience:

– Name: Michael A. Rebholtz
– Cell/Mobile: 650-222-3275
– Email: [email protected]
– Office: 650-322-4328
– Fax: 650-322-4321
– Website:

Alternative HVAC Solutions has earned a stellar reputation in the industry, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is truly outstanding. Considering that you have just purchased a new home, I firmly believe that Mike’s expertise and the services provided by Alternative HVAC Solutions would be extremely beneficial to you.

I highly recommend setting up some time to connect with Mike to discuss any HVAC requirements you may have. He and his team are highly knowledgeable, reliable, and dedicated to delivering top-notch service.

Best regards,

Gennady Y.

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

June 27, 2023

Hi Jeff, Mike, et al-

The City of Menlo Park inspector, Bob, was by this AM and we passed with flying colors. He asked for your and your firm’s names, which I happily provided. He said “This one gets a double fist bump!” And “I’m going back to the office, it’s not going to get any better than this!” I offered him a buck so he could go buy a lottery ticket…

In preparation for the inspection, I took another look at all components of the system to make sure everything was in order as it should be. I do a lot of the maintenance and improvements on our house myself and I am what you might describe as “particular” ☺️. I let Janice know that as fussy as I am, I am not sure I could have exceeded your obviously high standards for installation excellence. The team’s workmanship continues to impress the heck out of me – Please let Adrian, Tino, and Benito know. Thank you!

John S.

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

June 15, 2023

Outstanding job from start to finish. Alternative HVAC Solutions installed a ducted heat pump system. The complete process was thoroughly explained to us, and we were able to select the best option for our home. Getting the permits and available rebates was painless. The crew was efficient and carefully cleaned the job site (indoor and outdoor) at the end. They also took their time and patiently answered all the questions we had. I highly recommend Alternative HVAC Solutions and Mike Rebholtz.

Aline L.

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

June 13, 2023

I keep forgetting to email you guys to say thank you and to tell you how much I love the heat pump. It’s a real game changer for my place and my quality of living. The guys did a great job installing it and I appreciate all of your hard work!

Georgette N.

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

June, 2023

I live in an Eichler home. Starting in 2020, I have been converting over to an all electric home by getting rid of all natural gas to my home I now have Mitsubishi air movers in each room connected to two heat pumps outdoors. I now have heat & AC. I also got rid of my gas water heater and replaced it with a hybrid electric water heater. My gas clothes dryer went away to a new home so now I have a new LG electric laundry pair. Before all of this, I got an 18 SunPower solar array connected to Tesla batteries. During the sunny months, my PG&E bill is almost zilch even though I run the AC all the time. In the winter, not so much. My only consolation is that I am doing the right thing for the environment. This HVAC company is very professional and easy to work with. Mike Rebholtz is the owner and really knows his stuff. He was a pleasure to work with.

Carol C.

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

May 26, 2023

An excellent business. Have always been impressed by the depth of knowledge and expertise. A series of recommendations for anyone looking to install a similar system:
– Mitsubishi is the gold standard.
– 14-20 SEER is the energy efficiency band you want to shoot for as that is the most reliable. Anything in the high 20s or 30s I have read is more experimental and prone to failure.
– They are hard to come by now but spend the extra money for mini split “head” Wi-Fi adapters. Being able to control everything on your phone is excellent.
– It is very cheap to spend a little extra and have a mini split both heat and cool. At the time we installed the main compressor, it was $2,000 more to get the unit that could do both.
– If you are retrofitting an existing house, or are considering an ADU (or 2), consider first the maximum number of heads and BTUs you would need 5 years from now. We installed the 60,000 BTU compressor with a branch box, pictured in photo 3 of the review, with only two mini split heads attached at the time. Let me tell you, it was very convenient just tacking on to the branch box rather than wiring in yet another unit.

Kirk G.

5 stars Review | Alternative HVAC Solutions

January 23, 2023

Good Afternoon Jeff,
Both rebates came this week so we are all set. Thanks for your help on those and the install. Our family is quite pleased with the result.

All the best,
Chris D.

(From BayRen) Please be advised:
Thank you for participating in the BayREN Home+ Program! The payment processing for this rebate application has been completed and a rebate check should arrive within two weeks in the amount of USD 1,150.00.


December 19, 2022

Alternative HVAC has been our vendor of choice for the house heater and air filter for many years. They understand our equipment, provide an excellent explanation for the condition of the machinery and courteously address my questions and concerns. In an era where professionals are more interested in big-budget accounts and they want to get through small residential clients as quickly as possible to bill and move on, Alternative HVAC is a refreshing (pardon the pun) breath of fresh air.

Kami S.


August 23, 2022

We have just had a ducted system heat pump installed. Every step of the way, from initial visits, providing options, getting the permits, managing the supply chain issues to the actual installation, Alternative Energy did an outstanding job. The workers were polite, efficient and cleaned up perfectly. We passed all the inspections – electrical, mechanical and planning – with flying colors. Communication throughout the process was excellent. Both inspectors commented on the high quality of the work. I would unreservedly recommend them.

Ellen L.


August 5, 2022

Hello all,

I’ve received all the rebates so I think we are done! Everything is working well.

I wanted to thank all of you for great service. It’s been a pleasure to work with you.


Deborah G.
San Carlos, CA


August 4, 2022

Hi Jeff,

I just wanted to drop a note and praise the installation team. On time, clean, fast, and professional – they were great to work with!


Albert H.
San Carlos, CA


April 25, 2022

Good Morning,

Jeff, I would like to take a minute to say thank you. Working with you, your team and technical crew last week has been an absolute pleasure. Please give a special “THANK YOU” to Joseph & Josh.

Tiana, I thank you for sending your “Elite” employees to handle the installation of such a large complex project at Motiv. The installation of two 3 ton HVAC units is not an easy task yet it was handled seamlessly. The team appeared to walked on air as their steps on the roof were never heard. From the beginning Joseph introduced himself, had all the equipment needed, listened to our questions, concerns, was endlessly patient, polite, communicative and extremely professional.

Warm Regards,

Dinah C.
Motiv Power Systems


March 10, 2022

Hello Mike,

Here is the article on heat-pumps that I mentioned.

The people who installed the heat pump and water heater were great to work with – courteous, respectful, clear about what they were doing and when. They did an excellent job and they left no mess behind anywhere.

I also appreciated your prompt and positive response when some extra work needed to be done.




February 24, 2022

Wanted to give a shout out to the wonderful team at Alternative HVAC. We wanted to replace our inefficient and outdated heater, and the team did a fantastic job start to finish. When we made the decision to get quotes, we had Maurice come to our house and examine our situation. No hard sell, great explanation of our options, and a very reasonable quote. When it came time to schedule the work, we had to do it over Christmas since it was the first available spot, but despite the holidays, everyone was right on time, and the work got done as scheduled. We also had our ductwork redone since it was very old and leaky, which involved lots of crawling around in attics and crawlspaces, and the team (Rick and Adrian) were completely professional and respectful of our living space. Most importantly for us, they were very mindful of COVID precautions. The team wore masks the whole time, and we know that they made sure the crews were vaccinated. It was very important to us as we have family members with health problems and we could not risk getting infected. I also want to mention that they have great follow through. After the system was installed, we got a “walk-through” with Maurice to make sure everything was working OK and to explain the maintenance to us. They clearly care about their customers and want to keep us happy!

Thomas C.


November 3, 2021

For years we’ve wanted to install an electric heat pump in our house in Pacifica, but most of the companies we spoke to in the past didn’t seem to know much about this technology, and would try to push us towards other, more conventional heating systems. Alternative HVAC gave us exactly what we were asking for, and we were happy with the way they handled the whole process. Both the installation crew and the office staff kept us informed of what was happening every step of the way, and they were all very friendly and helpful. The new system works great, and our house feels very cozy. Highly recommended!

Ashley L.,
Pacifica, CA


October 15, 2021

I scheduled this a week ago. Otto showed up on time to do routine maintenance on our ac unit and furnace. (It had been a couple years since we had a tech look at everything- we changed filters and cleaned per instructions.)

Otto was amazing- respectful, and actively showing me what to look for in any issues that I could have with the furnace and AC unit. He took the extra time to show and explain how things worked, and wanted me to know what to look for in the event of a disabled system.

His goal was to show me what I could fix myself and when to call the experts. That was refreshing! He wants to empower homeowners to save money, but to be safe and call them when it’s beyond the diy scope.

Truly impressed and so very appreciative.

You now have a loyal customer for any ac/ furnace issues. Thank you for bringing Otto- and for your business!

Jacqui K.,
Redwood City, CA


August 21, 2021

Dear Mr. Rebholtz, I would like to compliment your HVAC installation crew of Joseph P. and Matt A. They did a great professional job of setting up and installing the equipment inside and outside of my home. When asked questions about the units involved they were very polite and knowledgeable and informative. Please thank your office personnel crew in helping me during my many visits. It was an enjoyable experience for my family with your company.

Chris N.
P. S. Great cooling experience


July 19, 2021

You can’t go wrong contacting Mike Rebholtz at Alternative HVAC Solutions in San Carlos. His company has been great in installing & maintaining our furnace/AC here in Palo Alto for decades. Their phone number is (650) 322-4328.

Emory L.
Palo Alto, CA


June 6, 2021

Please pass along my thanks to everyone on the team for all of their work. My install was not a simple one, but the guys were so great trying to find solutions that would work. They always had a smile on their face and they worked like crazy for 2.5 days!

I put this off for years because I wasn’t sure who I could trust with the job. I’m so happy to have found Alternative HVAC Solutions!

Thanks again, Lori D.


June 4, 2021

Dear Mike,

I’m writing to express my deep appreciation for the friendly, professional, amazing job your team (Brandon and Dino, Rick, and others such as Jeff back in the office) executed in getting our new heat pump installed. I was amazed by their ability to move super-heavy objects into cramped attic spaces, and by their technical knowledge, diligence and patience in explaining different components and details of the system. For example, they answered questions on the nature and benefits of the latest refrigerants used and how they filled the refrigerant gases into the pipes, how the communication links between the external condenser and parts of the heat pump inside the house worked. They paid attention to countless details, such as checking the ducts for kinks to improve airflow, checking the temperature at the vents when the AC or the heat was on, setting up the HVAC wall controller for us to use easily. It was a pleasure to get to know each of them. All of this is to say that our heat pump installation experience was exceptionally good. My appreciation to you and your team for making that happen!

With many thanks, Mark


May 13, 2021


I wanted to let you know know that your crew was here yesterday. They did an excellent job! I was very impressed with their knowledge and how well they worked together.

Let me know if you need a ref. I offered to pay them while they were here but, they suggested I call the office. I will call today and pay.

Thank you, Rosemary E.


May 3, 2021

Hi Jeff and Mike,

Thank you for sending Ricardo and following through on our repair/installation of Daikin system. We had a hard time finding anyone who is an expert on the split systems and Daikin in this area. Moreover, nobody wanted to repair those units but just install new ones. We had three vendors came to analyze with the fee. The Alternative HVAC is the only one who can provide us confidence in their service. Thus, we had our AC units not in use for two years.

While it was expensive, but your service is well worth the cost. Kudo goes to Ricardo for his perseverance and professionalism. I manage a team of 90 people at REI San Carlos. You are lucky to have a tech like Ricardo who is dedicated to serving customers. The rest of the team was great, too. They are always on time, friendly, very clean, and respect the space.

Thank you so much for providing a solution to our life. We can certainly feel great during heat waves. I will recommend your service to others.

Best, Kazu and May I


April 19, 2021


I am writing to express thanks to Ricardo for excellent service provided to my parents, Fred and Hedy S. in Redwood City. I was also at the home when the service was provided, as my parents are 90 and 91 and my dad is very hard of hearing. Ricardo was so kind and patient with my parents. He really listened to all of their concerns, and was very patient about explaining what was wrong with the heater and how it would be fixed. He also listened to their concerns about their thermostat, which was very complicated and had small numbers that they cannot see. My parents have had several different thermostats installed that they have not been able to use. Ricardo suggested a thermostat that they absolutely love. Even with their poor vision, my parents can see the numbers because the numbers are large and the thermostat has a light. Additionally, the thermostat is easy to operate with very simple plus and minus buttons that don’t require much intuition to learn.

So – thank you for a job well done. Ricardo made a positive difference in the lives of my parents, who felt treated with respect, and who can now more easily adjust the home’s temperature to make a comfortable environment. My parents asked that I be sure to pass their thanks on to Ricardo.

Yvonne B (Fred and Hedy’s daughter, writing on their behalf)
Redwood City


March 27, 2021

Hello Mike,

We wanted to let you know what a great job your team did installing our new ductless HVAC system. The team was lead by Matt and he and every other team member did their utmost to respect our privacy and safety during the installation process. The HVAC system works perfectly and fits seamlessly into our townhouse. Matt was very innovative in routing the refrigerant lines up through the walls to the second floor and the connection out to the condenser is hidden from view and unobtrusive. The installation took place during a period of elevated COVID-19 activity in the Bay Area and Matt and the entire team worked very hard to insure our safety during this time. The team left our home very clean after completion of the job. In fact, I think the garage was cleaner after the installation than before.

We both would like to thank you and your company for such great service. It is always a pleasure to work with a great team.

Rick and Sharron K.
San Carlos, CA


August 19, 2020

Dear Mike, Yvonne, Nate, and the rest of the Alternative HVAC staff:

I have been so very grateful for the air conditioning splits you put in for me a couple of years ago. During the few bad heat waves since, I have really appreciated it. But this time around, with the heat and the fires, it has been a true life saver.. With my asthma, I have been able to keep it on during the bad air quality from the fires and the filters really seem to make a huge difference. I really have felt like your system has made all the difference in my health. I may have had to break all my HOA rules and it took forever and it was worth every single second in spades.

You guys did such a great job and I honestly can’t thank you enough. Never doubt the value of what you do for people—you help save their lives.

Rose M.


June 29, 2020

Our heating and cooling system stopped working when a neighbor’s HVAC contractor attempting to repairing their system which is in close proximity to our A/C system caused our system to fail. I called Alternative HVAC Solutions because Mike Rebholz originally installed my system about 20 years ago. I was very happy to find he was still working in the HVAC world. Alternative HVAC Solutions technician arrived and I described the situation as best I could. The technician methodically performed system checks and quickly and correctly determined the problem was a shorted system fuse. Our system is back up and running strong in less than an hour. I very much appreciate the professionalism of the technician and his knowledge to quickly solve the problem. Thank you Alternative HVAC Solutions.

Jim N.


April 2, 2020

A big thank you to your crew who came out to fix our furnace at 202 Wyndham. They were professional, sensitive to virus and very pleasant. They are great representatives for your company!

Chris W.


February 7, 2020

I called AlternatIve HVAC Solutions & spoke with Yvonne about my heater turning on & off by itself. I realized that when my tenants moved out, they must have hit the thermostat on the wall with the furniture they were moving. Yvonne was very sweet & told me to turn off the circuit breaker to the heater until the tech could come out to fix it. The tech, Nate, came out the next day & fixed it. Nate was very nice & knowledgable, was there on time, & got the job done fast. I know this job was probably a small one for them, but they were there for me. Very Professional company. Thank you Yvonnne & Nate!!!

Heather R.


January 16, 2020

Dear Yvonne,

Lee and I have two children who are both teachers – our daughter is a second grade teacher & our son is a high school history teacher. Years ago I told them to be sure to become friends with “the ladies in the school office” because those women (there were no men in those jobs) were really the glue that held everything together and would make things happen (or not) for a teacher.

I cannot thank you enough for all of the patience and understanding you shared with us starting with realizing that we were freezing and trying to co-ordinate the crew’s installation with outpatient therapy we needed to have for Lee’s recent stroke.

Flat tires, confused schedules, electrical mishaps – you were always on top of every emergency call/message (and I’m sure some of the time I must have sounded frantic!!)

Thank you for everything and be sure to let our crew know they were amazing and so caring to these two seniors in distress.

• Rick
• Robert
• Nazario
• Otto

Warm Regards,


December 2019

Dear Folks at Alternative HVAC Solutions,

Thank you so much for all your hard work and commitment to our community.

Yvonne and Nate made my season so much warmer and it’s difficult to say too much about how much I appreciate it! Thanks!!

Matt, M.



Dear Sir,

The folks at Alternative HVAC saved me from yet another cold, no-heat winter. Yvonne was incredibly helpful. She quickly returned my phone call and was so very friendly and diligent in ensuring I got an appointment. She actually followed up to be sure I was satisfied! Their technician, Nate, walks on water, too. He arrived within the scheduled timeframe and was masterful in quickly diagnosing and repairing my furnace. I can’t thank him enough for his thoroughness, expertise and friendly advice. It’s great to meet a true tradesman and a privilege to see him at work. This company and their great people are a refreshing change from the far less reputable firms I’ve dealt with in three seasons of trying to get my furnace back in line. The folks at alternative HVAC are honest, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and reasonably priced. I recommend them highly without any qualification or equivocation. I just wish there were more stars to give them.

Matt, M.



Dear Sir,

Our furnace is humming pleasantly in the basement and the house is cozy warm.

We want to thank your staff for their furnace repair service. Alternative HVAC’s service reminds us of that in a pleasant small town.

Thank you,
Ailene and Bob R. Palo Alto, CA


July, 19

Hi Alternative HVAC,

Many thanks for the excellent installation & maintenance, repairs & assistance over the past two+ decades.

We sincerely appreciate your professionalism, knowledge, & caring.

Yours, Anne & Eric



Hi, Mike:

Since last summer was so mild, Today was actually the day I broke down and used the AC for the first time and man, you really saved my life. You and your guys did such a great job. It has worked like a charm. My lungs are so thankful. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to you. I did recommend your business today on Nextdoor when someone asked for suggestions.

Oh, and the heater worked awesome this winter too (I used that right away). Thanks so much! I am sure you are inundated in this heat; you are the best. Thank you so much.

Best, Rose M.



Hi Ron,Thank you for coming to our house and did thorough review of our existing system and listened to our needs. We really appreciate it. What you proposed makes a lot of sense to us.

We understand that given the particulars of our house, such as lack of crawl space, the estimate is reasonable, it’s just that our budget on the mini-split was much lower than in the proposal, and we have other priorities as we make improvements to the house. so we decided to put this on hold at the moment.

Thanks again for your help. When we are ready to make changes to HVAC we will turn to you for help.

Sandy S



Hello Mike,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for an excellent service your company provided in installation of a new furnace for my client in Foster city.

I must emphasis that Mr. Manuel must be an asset to your company. He is a very pleasant man with great personality and a joy to work with. He is a very dedicated professional with a vast knowledge and experience in his field and beyond.

His expertise and quality workmanship is greatly appreciated and for sure the work done will be recommended to others.
Thank you very much for the excellent work.


Nasser O., Foster City, CA



This is a great company! From Mike, the manager, to all the employees, Including Yvonne from the office, to Nate the trouble shooter, to the installers. They are all very respectful and knowledgeable. I had a faulty company install a brand new furnace and they did not install the propane kit. That caused the furnace to spray out raw propane and ruin the new furnace and almost caused a fire in my new space. Mike’s crew new the problem and removed the other furnace and installed a new one. Mike also related this information to my contractor who ended up paying for the new one. Whenever there is a concern, Mike is on it right away. I really trust this company.

Jean T.



We just had our 31 year old furnace replaced by Alternative HVAC Solutions and had an excellent experience. Yvonne responded promptly to our initial call and set up an appointment with Michael, who immediately came out and gave us an estimate. One week later, we had a new furnace. Matt and his colleague were very professional and cleaned up completely when the work was completed.

Eliot T.



Thank you! Your service was prompt and excellent. I appreciate it!

Don L., Campbell, CA



Mike and his team replaced my 29 year old furnace the other day. The installers were professional and tidy. They placed drop cloths from the front door to the furnace area, Mike suggested a little larger heater and boy was he spot on. Nice to have the heat back. Alternative HVAC is a great addition to my go to list of contractors, I can trust and depend on.

Tim G., Half Moon Bay



Worked with Ron on a litany of quotes and configurations for our Mitsubishi mini-split system, financing, the works. Ron was always helpful and responsive to our needs. The installation went smoothly and the system works wonderfully. A wonderful complement to our central air conditioner/heater as our 2 story house gets unbalanced air conditioning from our traditional system; the mini-split is the perfect solution!!

– Kirk G., Redwood City



We recently had issues with our HVAC system. We got recommendations for multiple vendors. Between pricing, efficiency of the office (Yvonne) scheduling the appointment and transparency regarding pricing, we decided to go with this vendor. They also had a very competitive price.

The technician (Nate) was fantastic! He immediately diagnosed the issue and did some maintenance on the unit and got everything running quickly. We were impressed they even let us know that the technician was running 15 minutes late.

– Ms. Joseph, San Carlos, CA



Dear Mr. Rebholtz,
I would like to generously thank you and your knowledgeable and skillful staff and technicians for replacing my home furnace last week and just before the Thanksgiving Holiday.

As you recall, with the devastating Camp Fire filling the San Francisco Bay area with choking smoke, we were unable to use our home fireplace for heat and this was the exact time when our older furnace refused to work properly – and just two days before expecting extended family for the Thanksgiving Holiday feast.

Having called upon your company for my HVAC home needs in the past, I again called and thanks to you and your company, you were able to quickly arrive and diagnose the issue, source the proper replacement furnace, and schedule a crew to complete the work; all this during a very busy scheduling time for the company. I was, too, particularly impressed with the technicians “Otto” and “Tino”, who at the very least left the job site completely clean and free of old and or new machine screws which would have likely found their way lodged into our car tires, as my wife and I drove in and out of the garage. I took this as a further “indicator” of their meticulous installation work and care for the homeowner’s well-being. A special thanks to the young man who drove a long distance at an early hour to pick up and deliver the furnace to our home.

Again, many thanks for a job well done……

Sincerely, Ellis B.
San Mateo, California



We completed the next step in our “100% electric home” project. The gas furnace is gone, replaced by a Trane electric heat pump. Alternative HVAC did an excellent job. If you want to cut the cord on natural gas in the Bay Area, call them.

Ryan Popple, CEO, Proterra



Alternative HVAC is one of the best contractor experiences we have ever had. We wanted central AC rather than room or region units installed, but we had a significant space issue with the configuration of our furnace. In addition, we had problems with our city issuing a permit because of easement issues between our house and our neighbor’s home. Mike was extremely creative in figuring out how to reconfigure our furnace so it could accommodate the condenser needed to affix to its top. And Jeff was a master at working with the building permit people in our city to secure a permit for the outside unit even though it did not comply with current easement requirements. It took a lot of perseverance, but he got the job done. Our unit works great. It is fully permitted and even the city inspector was impressed with the job. The installation was expertly done, and we couldn’t be happier. I would recommend these guys to anyone. They did a fantastic job.

Corky G.

August 9, 2018
Hi Mike:

Just a note to tell you that we are super pleased with the new system. The Trane works very nicely, and the cooling is not maxed out even in the hottest temperatures. Its just put it on “Auto” and forget it.

The Mitsubishi in our bedroom is totally different from before and great. We just turn it on as we are going to bed – it works hard for a few minutes, and soon is so quiet we can barely hear it – just a contribution to the white noise. I can’t understand how we tolerated the old system!

We have not played with the upper floor units enough to have an opinion.

Many thanks to you and the gang, especially Louis, for excellent work.

Best, Marty

June 12, 2018

Alternative HVAC should have a 5 out of 5 stars!!!

Seriously, Alternative HVAC saved me over $12K. After our air conditioning unit was not working and all thermostats in our home were toast, I had called Service Champions since they appeared to be the highest rating on yelp and Google. You can’t always trust these ratings but please believe you can trust this one…

To make a long story short, a technician from Service Champions came out, spent about 5 hours and over $440 dollars later our system was still not fixed. I was told that we needed to have our entire system rewired and the reason the system wasn’t working was due to the wires crossing. He said to fix this it would cost over $4K. The tech recommended that we consider purchasing a new unit given the cost. I agreed to speak with someone from their company about a new unit and have them double check our system. Today, they had another technician come out to check our unit and talk to me about purchasing a new unit. He looked at the system and reconfirmed our unit was toast and that I should purchase a new unit and have it reinstalled properly.

I told him that I was going to get a second opinion and he assured me that the first technician who I will leave nameless was their best technician and that I shouldn’t delay in getting a new unit since he looked at it and gave his recommendation to move forward. He then started to talk about the temperature how hot its going to get this week and to get this done soon, he needed a contract signed today. He was sure I needed a new unit. He quoted me $12,500 for a new unit, installation and a “great 10 year warranty on parts and the unit”.

At this point was disappointed since I thought my only option was to pay thousands of dollars and possible over $12K for a new unit. Not happy at this point.

I asked a round a bit and got a recommendation from a friend and he told me to call Mike at Alternative HVAC. I called and spoke to the receptionist here and she had one of their technicians, Nate out at our home within the hour. Apparently there was a cancellation, nonetheless I was pleased.

Within 30 minutes he had the unit working, air conditioning humming and at a fraction of the price. He said I did not need a new unit only needed to replace a failed transformer. The total cost was about $225. Much less than what I paid at Service Champions and they fixed our system with integrity.

Bottom line: Alternative HVAC save me thousands of dollars! They fixed my unit with very little fuss and clearly had integrity while doing it.

I would totally recommend Alternative HVAC! These are now my HVAC Co for life!

Anthony M.


“Mike, Yvonne & Team,

I just completed my inspection with the City Inspector and want to thank you for a job well done. The inspector was greatly impressed with the quality of work and installation. As soon as he stuck his head into the attic space I heard “Wow” come out of is mouth and he complimented how nice everything was done.

As I’ve noted before you weren’t the cheapest quote I received but after talking with Mike I felt like your team knew how to get the job done properly and wouldn’t cut corners. Your installation team was very courteous during installation and did a great job of cleaning up after themselves on a daily basis. I will definitely recommend Alternative HVAC Solutions to anyone looking for service or installation.

Thank you again for the great work and I look forward to years of warmth and comfort in our home.

Thank you,
Jamey C.”


“Hi Mike,

Cathy and I just want to let you know what a great job your crew did with our HVAC installation. Your crew, Ramon, David, Matt, and Brandon, were all very professional and always willing to answer questions and explain what they were doing. Their work shows a real sense of pride. It is clean and very professionally done.

Also, thanks to Ramon for pointing out a potential problem. He showed me where the incoming water line was highly corroded. It was so bad it was starting to drip. I called a plumber right away and it is now fixed.

You have a great professional crew and we are happy with their work. Also, Yvonne was great at keeping us posted on the schedule.

DeWayne and Cathy”


“I recently had a Mitsubishi Ductless Air and Heat system installed in my condo and I have nothing but positive things to say. Three other owners in the complex also used them and they are very happy. It’s summer time, so we haven’t been able to try the heat yet (we replaced very inefficient electric base board heaters) but the AC is fabulous. The whole process went smoothly, from getting the estimate to the actual installation. Their pricing was far more competitive than the others estimates we received and theirs included the permit, which the others did not. I highly recommend Mike and his crew. After the system was installed, I noticed there there was one electrical outlet that didn’t get covered with a plate and when I emailed Mike, he had it taken care of the next day. Great customer service!”

~ Becky S.


“I’m very pleased with the services you and your team performed installing the furnace. First of all Yvonne, whom I spoke with several times on the phone, was always very helpful. The men who installed the furnace were professional, helpful and knowledgeable. I believe it was Nate and Adrian who did the installation. Your whole group was just great to work with.

I will also say that John Barch from Alliance and his group that removed the asbestos from under the house, also did a great job. Everyone who worked here was pleasant to work with.”

~ Cindy L.


“We are beyond pleased with our experience with Mike & team! I reached out to Mike this past weekend as our water heater was making a dripping/hissing sound. He was so kind to take my call and time out of his weekend and helped instruct us on how to properly turn off the water heater. Not only was he over on Monday to take a look at the issue in person, but also had his wonderful team come over first thing Tuesday to replace our system (water heater, furnace & AC prep). Mike was transparent, very responsive and just flat out a nice guy! He is just about as upfront and kind as it gets! His team as well were very friendly and professional and took care of the replacement in such a fast, clean manner! Highly recommend Alternative HVAC solutions!”

~ Fresheta R.


“Two years ago I used to find a new HVAC Vendor for Seven Oaks Apartments located in the Sharon Heights Area of Menlo Park. I am pleased to say I found Alternative Solutions which are still our HVAC Vendor today, they do all of our air conditioning/heater repairs and replacements. The 5 star rating they had when I found them two years ago, is well deserved, today I am giving them 5 stars for their excellent service at Seven Oaks. Our technician Nate pays close attention to detail, knows how to trouble shoot and get our repairs done professionally and promptly is very pleasant and professional. Mike has done several new installs which has been fairly priced and installed timely, with no complications. I cannot say enough about Alternative Solutions except give them a try you will not be disappointed the whole team is fantastic! When I call in for service for emergencies or routine service, Yvonne goes above and beyond to schedule service immediately, you will not go wrong with this great team, they are dependable and provide service and an affordable cost!”

Thank you everyone!
~ Fiona


“They sent a person out to investigate and found the problem. Gave me different options and went with repair. To this point they’ve been professional and quick.”
~ Travis Johnson


“They were great. They knew exactly what they were doing, did a good job and had a reasonable price. They also followed up after.”
~ Lori


“Mike Rebholtz’s team installed a new furnace when our old furnace broke down during the peak of last winter. Everyone I interacted with on Mike’s team was courteous and professional; and the whole process, right from the first in-home estimate to final installation was super smooth and efficient. Mike quickly provided us a competitive quote with various options and helpful information to guide our product choice. They were able to fit us in their schedule immediately. The technicians completed the job as scheduled and the installation looked neat and professional. The permit was finalized without any issues.”
~ Ajeeta Dhole


“David is a hell of a worker” and “he’s really good with the young guys” “All good workers, nice and polite”
~ Betty Nishida


…on employees Alex and Ryan:
“they were terrific, efficient, respectful and helpful removing a door at no extra cost.”
~John McEvoy


I recently bought a house without any central heating or cooling in Menlo Park– got about 4 quotes for an electric heat pump for heating and cooling (I wanted to make full use of my solar panels, and be kind to the environment). Mike at Alternative HVAC was one of two who actually quoted me for a heat pump (the other two tried to push me to a traditional gas furnace), and he beat the other heat pump quote by 50%. He was very knowledgable, and I had full faith in him building an HVAC system from scratch in my previously ductless house. The system functions perfectly, is very quiet, and doesn’t seem to have hot/cold spots, even in my drafty old house with single pane windows. I’m very impressed, and will recommend him to anyone looking for a high efficiency heat pump system, or any system!

– Charity H. 6/4/16


Hi Mike,

Thanks again for being part of the program on heat pumps Wednesday evening! It was great to learn about how the technology for heat pumps has improved so much in the past few years — you made a very convincing case for shifting over to this “climate friendly” approach!

We had 49 people there (including those of us involved with putting together the program) — and we were pleased to be able to introduce you to this audience! It terrific to meet a business leader who is ready to take on the challenge of introducing new technologies to his clients — you are in the forefront of changes in the construction industry that will not only make our homes more comfortable (the dry heat from my gas heater gives me lots of problems each winter!) — but also help us all to protect Earth’s climate.

From the high turnout, it’s clear that people are very interested in this topic, and I expect that we will be doing more such workshops in the future. Thanks for making the first one such a success!

With appreciation,

Debbie Mytels
Energy Upgrade Program Manager & Grant Writer


Hi Mike. Adding my thanks here! I so appreciate your time coming to the workshop on Wednesday. Your comments really got to the heart of what people need to know to consider alternatives.

It’s great that your company is located in Menlo Park, where we’re trying to spur a transition away from natural gas.

Please stay in touch!

Warm best,
Diane Bailey, Executive Director

Adding my thanks, Mike. You were terrific! We look forward to working with you again.
Best, Adam Stern, Executive Director, Acterra”



To Mike and staff,

We wish to express our complete satisfaction with the new heating design and installation. Your design completely solved all our existing problems while especially reducing the noise level.

As well as a new furnace, you suggested replacing the old asbestos ducting with insulated ducting. This has greatly improved the air temperature now entering each room. The company you selected to extract the old asbestos ducting was excellent.

The installation staff performed admirably while installing the ducting and furnace. They were especially courteous and technically skilled. The office staff as well as the installation staff were a joy to work with, and completely answered all questions politely and efficiently.

Please pass along our complete gratitude to both the office and installers.

Thank you,

Leonard and Daviene



To the Team & Staff of Alternative HVAC Solutions

We’d like to thank “the team” who worked so hard and efficiently to replace the furnace & the A/C (install). Please give special thanks to Ramon, Alex, Nelson and Louis for a job so well done!

Also, thank you, Mike, for having to come out a few times to help with elevating our situation.

And last, but not least, a very special thank you to Yvonne, for always being so kind & patient!

We will always be happy to refer you to our neighbors & friends.

Thank you again!

Sincerely, Mayumi




Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team. We love the new furnace and AC! It’s heating the house well and is so quiet. Moving it to the attic was a great idea. Really appreciate the extra detail to attention that Louis and the other fellow whose name I can’t remember put into the job.

Posted an A review for you on Angie’s list and yelp. Will definitely call you when we do the annual servicing.

Thanks again.

Tabbert and Ivy



Mike and crew just installed air conditioning in my house. I had a super experience. The crew was friendly and courteous, neat and efficient. The work was scheduled quickly after we made the decision to proceed, and it was all completed a little ahead of schedule too.

Can’t say enough good things about them, highly recommended.

David M.
Menlo Park, CA



If you need work done on your furnace, or need a furnace installed, Mike Rebholtz is the person to turn to. I recently had to replace an old furnace and install a new one to a wing of my house that had no central heat. Mike did the job so professionally. He and his team solved a complicated problem better than we could have anticipated. And after getting several estimates, Mike priced the job fairly from the onset.

Katherine O.
Redwood City, CA



I had a heating issue where the heat would try to come on, indicate that it was running, but it was not. They diagnosed a flame sensor issue, promptly ordered the part, replaced the part and went on their way. I have been trouble free ever since. They were prompt, friendly, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. I would definitely use again.

P G.
Menlo Park, CA



Mike and his crew did a creative and professional job. They definitely took the time to get it right.
Much more comfortable in here!!

Artie S.
San Mateo, CA



Mike Rebholtz and his team installed air conditioning and an air-filtration unit in our house this summer. Despite it being peak season, they were able to fit our install in the week after the estimate. All the workers were prompt, courteous and meticulous about tidying up after themselves. There were no charges above the estimate on this job.

The following week, Mike came by for a walkthrough and made sure we understood how to operate and maintain the new equipment.

Highly recommended!

Julia C.
Menlo Park, CA



More businesses should run their business like Mike Rebholz. I have a new unit installed by his company. And let me tell you all…from the first time Mike came to the house to give me an estimate (of course I had 2 other companies for second opinion and did not come close) and the time he came to do a final check after his great men installed it….was the BEST experience I have ever had. Mike is the epitome of his craft! Not to mention his whole staff who are very professional, efficient, friendly and technically knowledgeable. Mike Rebholz company is the BEST EVER!!!!!

Thank you Mike so much for your great service.

Gigi D.
South San Francisco, CA



Hi All: Mike Rebholz and Company are just Great! Our central air went out, after 20 years, right when we were having the 100 degree heat! Yikes! They installed a new unit and heating unit in one day, and we have really cold bedrooms now. These guys are clean, efficient , and reasonable in their rates.
Try them, you won’t be disappointed.

Coolest Guys I know!!

Carol J.
Redwood City, CA



Mike Rebholtz installed both our upstairs and downstairs heaters, our air conditioner, two air filters, and completely replaced our heating ducts over the past 8 years. Each time he and his staff carefully went over the options and worked closely with us to identify the most cost-effective solutions. His crew was always on time, technically knowledgeable, caring, unfailingly polite and helpful. When a small problem developed with the AC drainage, his company fixed it immediately at no charge. Mike is immensely knowledgeable about heating, cooling, and air filtration, and takes tremendous pride in serving his customers. He is genuinely enthusiastic about what he does and is highly professional in every regard.

Eric G.
Santa Clara, CA



Alternative HVAC has done an excellent job installing a mini split system in our house. We called, Mike came, discussed the technical details, and provided a very reasonable estimate. Once we’ve accepted the estimate, the crew came on time (actually, earlier than promised) and completed work earlier than promised and with good quality. We had a minor snag with electrical work but it was resolved very quickly by an electrician Mike has brought in. The installation crew is very professional and pleasure to work with.

Leo Y.
Redwood City, CA