Rooftop HVAC

Maintaining and replacing outdated HVAC equipment can be a huge investment for any building owner. The two primary methods of HVAC equipment replacement are fix-on-fail and planned replacement. The fix-on-fail scenario can lead to costly decisions. Most importantly, fix on fail or unplanned events create unwanted equipment downtime and poor comfort for tenants or customers. Either of these situations can lead to lost revenue.

Replacement Management
With a preventive maintenance program, you may be able to extend the useful life of your equipment. Ultimately, the decision to upgrade and modernize your building through equipment replacement management is the smart choice.

Rooftop Replacement Benefits
Proactive equipment replacement management can be a wise investment. Building owners can actually add too, not subtract from the bottom line. Increased energy efficiency, building management control upgrades and reduced maintenance costs combined with creative leasing or financing terms can boost cash flow and increase building capitalization.

What is the value of planning?

  • Higher efficiency equipment that provides lower energy bills and improved cash flow.
  • Reduced equipment service time and expense allowing you to focus maintenance dollars on other facility improvements.
  • Improved building comfort levels and control.
  • Coordination of the rooftop HVAC replacement with retrofit programs enables you to maximize savings and redundant activities.
  • Avoids tenant discomfort through unexpected failures.
  • Better control of your budget.
  • Replacing multiple units saves on shipping and installation charges.
  • Scheduled replacement of equipment minimizes disruption to your facility.
  • Maximizes your investment by allowing you to purchase features and options to meet your application needs today.
  • Incremental equipment replacement affords you the option to harvest expensive compressors and motors for use in maintaining older equipment until all equipment is replaced.
  • A greater opportunity to improve your HVAC system.

Benefits Delivered by a Single Source – Trane
When rooftops are selected for a newly constructed building, careful consideration is given to the placement of the equipment. Structural support, ductwork distribution, access to the utilities for mechanical connection and sound levels are important elements that go into the mechanical system layout. Modification to any of these elements could create a costly reconstruction of the building. A replacement that duplicates the mechanical set up of the original system can simplify the task while saving time and labor.

Trane designs rooftop equipment with replacement in mind. With cooling capacities from 20 to 130 tons, in most applications, Trane has a direct replacement solution for your application. Whether your rooftop replacement involves a large renovation or a small number of units, allow Trane’s experienced personnel to help you manage your replacement plan.

Peace of Mind
Replacing poorly performing or outdated equipment will give you one less thing to worry about, especially when the equipment is teamed with optional five-year parts and labor warranty.

Maximum Energy Reductions
Trane is unique when it comes to complete building ‘control. When you combine our high-efficiency rooftops with either a Trane Summit™ Integrated Comfort system or an open protocol LonTalk@ building management system you get optimum equipment performance with lower energy consumption.

High Emphasis on IAQ
With today’s busy schedules keeping us inside more and more, good quality indoor air is paramount. Whether your replacement job calls for one rooftop or a complete system replacement, our highly sophisticated equipment, and controls are designed to improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

New equipment can pay for itself in a short time through utility savings based on modern efficiency. Comfort levels go up, while utility bills go down. Get everything you need in a rooftop system from one single source, Trane, and watch your energy savings grow.

It’s Not Just a Replacement – It’s an Improvement

  • High efficiency equates to energy reductions
  • “Peace of Mind” with a 5-year parts and labor warranty
  • Finance options to avoid robust capital expenditures
  • A choice of building management systems that can provide even lower energy consumption and improved energy management
  • New equipment provides a reduction in service expense
  • Indoor air quality upgrades through equipment features such as dual-sloped drain pans, double-wall construction, and higher filtration
  • Curb modification between the old model and new model is simplified through the use of Trane’s Adaptor Curb Selector
  • Utility rebates (varies by geographical location)

Rooftop HVAC Replacement Service Area

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