All Ecobee thermostats are thoughtfully designed with features that deliver comfort at home and control from anywhere.

Ecobee thermostats work seamlessly with Apple HomeKit on all iOS devices including Apple Watch and leading smart home ecosystems including the Google Assistant.

Ecobee has partnered with Amazon’s Alexa so you can control your thermostat with voice commands. Ecobee models with Alexa built-in can do most of what a normal Amazon Echo device can do, with a few exceptions (like messaging or multiroom audio). 

Some homes can be difficult to keep warm or cool because of how they’re laid out. As heat rises, higher floors can get warmer, and some older heating systems struggle to deliver air to all parts of the house. Whatever the cause, if you live in a building in which different rooms are often different temperatures, it’s a good idea to get an Ecobee smart thermostat with a portable sensor, so it can make changes based on both.

Some Ecobees have built-in motion sensors 

Ecobee models with internal motion sensors are able to track when you walk into a room and when you leave and account for that when maintaining an ideal temperature for you. It’s a pretty handy feature for conserving energy: when motion isn’t detected for long periods of time, the thermostat can then reduce usage accordingly.

The Ecobee3 has a 3.5-inch glossy black digital display with a touchscreen interface, similar to a phone. Simply tap on the various options to change the temperature, view the current forecast, set schedules and otherwise adjust the settings. It’s worth noting that the layout on the Android and iPhone app mirrors the Ecobee3 Lite’s hardware, so there’s little to no learning curve.